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4children.ca supporting our community :

including Karen Copeland's "I am THAT parent"
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  • Dr Stuart Shanker - keynote speaker and author of "Calm, Alert and Learning : Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation:  "For CC : My trip to Powell River was the highlight of all my travel in 2014.  Such a stunning location, and such inspiring educators.  Keep it up guys!"  and planning a return trip visit two years later to see how we're doing...

  • Dr Jay Yule - Superintendent of Schools - SD #47     "CC provides expert services to children with behavioural difficulties.   She also brings top notch speakers in the field to the Upper Sunshine Coast providing excellent professional development" 

  • Dr Ross Greene - keynote speaker and author of "The Explosive Child" & "Lost at School"  statement to the audience at the end of his full day presentation     "..... one of the best, no maybe the best organized conference I've presented at ..... thank you CC" 

  • Dr Gabor Mate - keynote speaker and author of "Hold on to you kids" : "Scattered Minds" : "When the Body Says No" and "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts"  of his visit to Powell River after a full day presentation plus an evening presentation to the Sliammon First Nations on the topic of Trauma, Addictions and Healing"  "Look forward to working with you again ....."

  • Donnie Kanter Winokur -  author & speaker on Developmental Disabilities & Service Dogs     "I had the privilege and pleasure to be a guest speaker for CC Duncan as part of her 4children.ca program in Powell River.... From the beginning of our communication a year prior and through my keynote presentation and all day symposium, CC was both professional and wonderfully hospitable  .....   I look forward to the next opportunity to work with her and her community"  

  • Kellie Haines & Co -  Ventriloquist - Educator  ~  4children.ca   "Terrific resource for kids and parents/guardians!"

FASD is preventable
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